Ghost Embrace




Ghost Embrace is founded by Annette Freeman, owner of HyperThreat Sound. All the material
of this CD was organically grown, one musician at a time. Handpicked for their creative skills,
and unique qualities as human beings, each track was layered onto the next, giving everyone
involved in the project, the ability to define their own voice.

Annette Freeman as a singer songwriter, and her signature instrument is a 12 string guitar
and her vocal style developed in her love of blues and metal.  With years of experience
under her belt, mentored by some of the biggest names, she has finally released a CD
that embraces her life experiences.

Included in the Ghost embrace project is Jerome Lee, who is a well versed R&B bassist; with
a personal and creative style that adds depth and passion to the material. Joining the lineup
is Chad Kent; drummer of Atomship and Watership Down. His incredible power and speed
takes the songs to a whole new level and towards an unexpected progressive direction. Add
Nema Sobhani’s incredible speed and meticulous sweeps, with Ryan Kargoll’s melodic feel,
and a new style of music is born, as genuine as the players who created it.

The result is a rich blend of metal, progressive, folk, melodic rock and R&B genre's. The
unique quality of the music is only over shadowed by the themes in each song.
“Ghost embrace” gives the listener the opportunity to find the positive lessons, even in the darkest moments.

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