I Want to be a Singer

My guess is, and it’s only a guess, that 3 out of 5 people have said at least once in their lives, “I want to be a singer.” I know I did. Fortunately I got the opportunity. Sure, it’s in the Christian market, but still… I was able to be on 6 albums (do we even call them albums anymore?).

What about you? Do you have a dream? That’s where it all begins. You know, one of the things I’ve learned over the years is that the older you get, the less you dream. The less you dream, the less creative you become. The less creative you become, well… you get the idea. I think we, in the artists community, need to be really actively involved in encouraging dreaming again. Without dreams, we really have nothing to attain. Nothing to look forward to. Nothing to gain.

With schools taking more and more money away from “the arts” in education, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for kids to have creative outlets. Remember all the concerts, plays, art shows we did/had when we were in school? It seems to me we had at least 3 activities every month at the schools I attended. Even more when I got into middle-school and high-school. Not so much today.

There have been scientific studies done on the impact of music in individual’s lives. Mozart, for example, has a unique way of teaching infants perfected incremental discernment. Mathematics. I can say in my own kids lives, because we constantly played Mozart and other classical music when they were infants, we have seen a propensity towards math and higher function skills. I’m not saying it’s a “wonder-drug” and that it is a perfected science, but I will say this… It has a profound effect on humans in general.

My goal growing up was to be a music therapist. I know the power and impact music has over our lives. Like smells… certain songs, lyrics, licks, can take you to a place in your past that brings a very full and real memory to life once again. That’s power! So, my question is… why do we abandon our dreams? Why do we give up on those hopes that “someday”… which never seems to come?

I would suggest that the first thing we need to do is… Commit. We have to commit to supporting the arts. We have to commit to supporting our own childhood dreams of perhaps doing something beyond the norm or out of the box. So what if it’s a hobby? You never know how a hobby (which will make you happy) could turn into a career (which would also make you happy). I have to ask… a real question – think before you answer… “WHAT’S STOPPING YOU?”

Don’t give in to the world’s view that, “why bother… it will never happen.” when that is a lie… It will happen, IF you want it to. It CAN happen, if you want it to. Why not be that singer? Who knows, you may be the next Adele…

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