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The Studio’s 1st Post – “Preparing For Your Sessions”

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One thing that most artists forget in the creative process is preparation for their time in the studio. Maybe they figure the studio takes care of it all, which they try to do. Or maybe the project itself is all-consuming. Whatever it is, you’ll find that a bit of preparation is helpful in ensuring the best use of paid studio time as well as the highest quality finished product.

Step 1: Think through your goals. What is it you want to achieve each time you have a session? Is it a finished rough cut, is it a final cut, is it all the guitar parts…? Whatever you decide you must keep this top of mind in order to make smart decisions if changes are considered. Will you expect to be leaving with this in CD format, on a thumb drive, in what format are you going to want the files? Are you planning to have some mastering done and if so have you planned time for that as well?

Step 2: Talk to your friends, family, band members, fans, basically anyone you can get to listen and review what you’re planning. The objective you have should feel a bigger goal like – selling lots of CDs, delivering the biggest surprise to a loved one, producing an audio piece for your web site that inspires or surprises, ….you get the picture. Net-net, you want others to help you confirm your goals are going to satisfy your higher level objectives.

Step 3: The day before you arrive you should gather everything you need to ensure its in good working order and in the condition you expect. For instance, is your guitar strung, are your samples loaded and verified on your storage device, is your voice feeling good, have you arranged to use the studio’s instruments and confirmed their good working order.

Step 4: Plan on arriving a few minutes early (be sure the studio is ok with this too – in case there are back to back sessions). This gives you some time to set up without eating into your paid studio time. This also give you a chance to settle into and gain some comfort in this new environment. You want to be in the “ZONE” to ensure you do you very best.

Ok, so that’s the cliffs notes….more to come! Now just SHUT UP AND PLAY

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