Meet the Owner Anne Freeman – HyperThreat Sound

Anne Freeman (Rockie) grew up in Los Angeles, working in many aspects of the music industry – writing, recording, performing and paying her dues while honing her chops. She has performed at The Troubadour, Whiskey, and Wong’s West. Anne has had her original songs featured on KLOS Local Licks and is currently gigging locally in Denver, with her latest project, “Ghost Embrace.”

She recorded her first professional demo at Group Four Recording. She interned a stint for the late great Gary Kelgin in the hay day of the Record Plant and won a full ride to Northridge University.  Anne is professionally trained with a Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts from Colorado University.

Anne has an intense passion for music production. Her experience as an artist, growing up in Hollywood, and defining her identity in L.A.’s music scene, has given her a unique perspective.  Anne is influenced by European progressive and symphonic metals bands, yet she still maintains a commercial ear for production. With all her training, performance experience and instincts, Anne has developed techniques that expedite results in the studio, especially for Singers.

Anne is also very motivated to pay it forward by mentoring young musicians herself and opening a recording studio in Denver. HyperThreat Sound features the most competitive prices while supplying the highest quality state-of-the-art gear. Our philosophy is “Shut Up and Play” because after it’s all said and done, it’s all about the music.

Scheduling and Information:

Producer Rate: $100 per Session.

Vocal Performance Coaching : $45.00 an hour (On mic and in studio)

Vocal Performance Coaching : $80.00 for two hours (On mic and in studio)
(Includes a Session Demo for Client)

303 570-3264