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“Quantum Heart” Digitally Released

HyperThreat Sound is proud to announce, after a year of production,
The digitally released of “Quantum Heart.”

This milestone is Anne Freeman’s personal project, Owner of HyperThreat Sound,
as well as the Singer/Songwriter and Producer of the record.


Buy it now

Buy it now

We would like to thank all the people who worked on this project from Engineers and Editors, freelance and in house. A lot of time and dedication went into the making of this record.
The record was recorded here at HyperThreat Sound,

Recording Engineers:

Michael Bevers
Tim Brennan
Rick Thompson
Annette Freeman

Kathryn Ourlian
Tim Brennan
Annette Freeman

“Quantum Heart” was mixed by Randy Staub, at The Warehouse in Vancouver
We would like to thank Bryan Gallant, Zach Blackstone, Adam Greenholtz and Hayden Watson for their kindness and dedication.

“Quantum Heart” was Mastered at Sterling Sound By Ted Jensen

“Quantum Heart” is streaming for free HERE!

To learn more about the project visit: www.ghostembrace.com

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Ghost Embrace

Ghost Embrace has finished up orchestration for the most part and has moved into the next phase of the project. Nema Sobhani has been writing and tracking guitar parts for the last two weeks. I have put together some low budget video, in order to give you an idea how the project is evolving. #ghostembrace #quantumheart


How do you perceive value?

Lately we’ve been having a lot of conversations here, about how potential clients perceive value. There are a lot of studios to choose from in Colorado, and more seem to spring up everyday. The big studios can brag about having more space and bigger names to drop, but how does that equate to your project? How do you you equate value when choosing a recording studio?

Do you think small studios offering the same gear as the big boys, equates to lower quality?

You can pay $30 an hour for a usb interface plugged into a laptop, but that’s not a studio.

HyperThreat Sound was built in my home, however we are a full HD II facility with 32+ inputs of killer pre-amps, a toft ATB 16 and quality engineers. This is a conversation my partners and I have been having for a while now. I have been told that lower prices may be a deterrent for those who equate quality, with higher costs. Well I’m here to tell you that quality isn’t about gear, or the size of the room, but a studio is only as good as it’s engineer, not it’s clientele. Most big names bring in their own staff of engineers and producers any way. So you got to ask yourself, how much personal service does your money buy, if your name doesn’t buy any bragging rights? Please share your thoughts. Lets have a conversation. :)

We are always looking for experienced protools engineers, who can hit the ground running, so any one with fast hands, great ears and a minimum of 8 years as a lead engineer, will find themselves at the top of my list. Send your resumes and links to your mixes/reels to info@hyperthreat.com





We have been working with Castle View High’s internship program and Paige has been working on her final project. Jesse spent the day with Paige yesterday and helped her record her track and solo, while I video taped the project. Paige will be staying on as intern here at HyperThreat Sound, once her program obligations are fulfilled. We are happy to support young musicians, especially young women.


Last week was VERY busy here at HyperThreat Sound. Especially Thursday, where we had back to back sessions from 9am to 11pm.

Adam Andrews is in again, working on his 2nd contribution. He has been nominated for “Best New Artist” at Zone Music Reporter, as voted on by all the New Age radio broadcasters. How cool is that? Michael Bevers, engineered Adam Andrews 1st record, “Road to Ambo.” We look forward to his next record, and congratulate him for the nomination.


Check out Zone Music Reporter

Last Sunday Jesse Alvarada, and I finished up Chelsea and Vanessa’s song. It came out so well, HyperThreat Publishing has offered Chelsea and Vanessa Hersel a single song publishing contract on “I’m A Stone.” The recording features Jerome Lee on Bass, Christian Teele on Drums, and it was orchestrated by Eric Moon. We are proud to call them family, here at HyperThreat Sound. Remember our Songwriters Resource list here on HyperThreat.com, when you’re looking for a pro! Book some time and hire them for your session.

Congratulations to Chelsea and Vanessa for a job well done.



We are so proud to announce that Nema Sobhani has returned to contribute his unique musical flavor, to the second Ghost Embrace record, “Quantum Heart.” Bare Knuckle pickups in a PRS custom 22, and a Friedman amp. HEH!! How could he resist? We are ecstatic that he has joined the team once again.



Not only is Nema a fabulous guitar player, but he is a writer producer as well. Any one looking for beats or music, hit me up and I’ll hook you up.

Caroline McCaskey, virtuoso saw player, was in twice last week. She is recording Saw and Piano pieces for a competition. We love having her in the studio and wish her the best of luck!



We also had “Thunder The Radar” in last Thursday. We love Therese and I personally am a huge fan of hers. She is such a unique artist and I love her style. :)




That’s it for now! Thanks for tuning in and check out our youtube page. We will be adding more videos of some of our sessions. We love to give exposure to those we who support us. ROCK ON!



Hi everyone, Anne Freeman here to give you a quick update on what we have been up to. We have done a lot of work on the web site, and we thank Inform Creations for their help with that.

So you no longer need to log in to the web site to book online. We have made this easier for our customers, all you need to do is check our current calendar and find a time available and book with with deposit. This holds your time, and we make sure you have are contacted as quickly as possible to get the details of your project. We have contracted more engineers for our clients as well. We have interviewed hundreds of Recording Engineers from all over the country. Listened to thousands of reals and mixes, just so we can offer our clients the most professional product, by offering the best services, at the best prices. We have kept our prices the lowest in Colorado, considering we are running a full Pro-tools HD rig.

We have also just acquired a new Friedman Amp and Cab, that is available for in house rental. I have to tell you that this amp has the thickest and sickest tone you’ve ever heard. Seriously.


We had the PRS Custom 22 rigged with some new Bare Knuckle pickups, that are TONE MONSTERS as well. So we are ready for any project, looking for a distinct sound. We have added a new Engineer to our talent roster, as well. Jesse Avalon is an excellent recording and mix engineer, and we will be showing off what he can do for your project, very shortly here. He will be finishing up a mix for Chelsea Hersel that will knock your socks off. Tomorrow we have Eric Moon in again to orchestrate Chelsea’s new song, as well. We are excited to share it with you. Eric will then be playing some piano on a couple of blues tunes for the Ghost Embrace record, “Quantum Heart.” Yes, we said blues! I’m adding some old school flavor to this record. Stay tuned.

I Want to be a Singer

My guess is, and it’s only a guess, that 3 out of 5 people have said at least once in their lives, “I want to be a singer.” I know I did. Fortunately I got the opportunity. Sure, it’s in the Christian market, but still… I was able to be on 6 albums (do we even call them albums anymore?).

What about you? Do you have a dream? That’s where it all begins. You know, one of the things I’ve learned over the years is that the older you get, the less you dream. The less you dream, the less creative you become. The less creative you become, well… you get the idea. I think we, in the artists community, need to be really actively involved in encouraging dreaming again. Without dreams, we really have nothing to attain. Nothing to look forward to. Nothing to gain.

With schools taking more and more money away from “the arts” in education, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for kids to have creative outlets. Remember all the concerts, plays, art shows we did/had when we were in school? It seems to me we had at least 3 activities every month at the schools I attended. Even more when I got into middle-school and high-school. Not so much today.

There have been scientific studies done on the impact of music in individual’s lives. Mozart, for example, has a unique way of teaching infants perfected incremental discernment. Mathematics. I can say in my own kids lives, because we constantly played Mozart and other classical music when they were infants, we have seen a propensity towards math and higher function skills. I’m not saying it’s a “wonder-drug” and that it is a perfected science, but I will say this… It has a profound effect on humans in general.

My goal growing up was to be a music therapist. I know the power and impact music has over our lives. Like smells… certain songs, lyrics, licks, can take you to a place in your past that brings a very full and real memory to life once again. That’s power! So, my question is… why do we abandon our dreams? Why do we give up on those hopes that “someday”… which never seems to come?

I would suggest that the first thing we need to do is… Commit. We have to commit to supporting the arts. We have to commit to supporting our own childhood dreams of perhaps doing something beyond the norm or out of the box. So what if it’s a hobby? You never know how a hobby (which will make you happy) could turn into a career (which would also make you happy). I have to ask… a real question – think before you answer… “WHAT’S STOPPING YOU?”

Don’t give in to the world’s view that, “why bother… it will never happen.” when that is a lie… It will happen, IF you want it to. It CAN happen, if you want it to. Why not be that singer? Who knows, you may be the next Adele…

HyperThreat Sound is a professional recording studio in Denver Colorado. We are a full service studio offering recording, mixing, and mastering. We offer instrument and amp rentals for sessions as well. HyperThreat – Recording Studio Denver.

The Summer of 2012 Changed My Musical Outlook


Summer 2012 completely changed my outlook on music and the industry entirely, in fact I’ve never had more fun in my life. My 5 week visit to Berklee College of Music was an experience like no other, it was amazing all of the things I learned in just a short time and inspired me to work harder to shove my foot in the door to this crazy industry.


I was honestly scared to death after my mother left me in the Berklee Performance Center to catch her flight back to Colorado, but as soon as I met a few friends and got settled into my dorm on Commonwealth street, I eased up and became excited about my courses. My favorite classes were musicianship and of coarse performance perspectives, which every week a new group would perform and share their experiences in the Performance Center. Music theory was so hard to me but it was very interesting to dig deeper into music. Above all of the classes and the sight seeing of Boston, what I loved the most was jamming, recording, and performing with my incredibly talented room mates at the dorm. Berklee really taught me how important it is to get music recorded to sound good and get myself out there. Being surrounded by new talent and the whole idea of just being in Boston at the program inspired me more than anything before, I was able to write new songs every week.


Coming home was sad, but I took what I’ve learned and applied it to my life here in Colorado. I’m working on finishing this song I wrote on Boston and getting my music recorded so I could make a small demo. I cannot stress enough the need to sound professional, and the best way to achieve this is to get the music recorded! Luckily enough I have full access to HyperThreat Sound Studios, they always take great care of me and make my music sound awesome. After my experience with Berklee I trust the engineers at Hyperthreat to make me sound professional, Anne also keeps me on track with great vocal exercises and helps me through any rough patches I have in a song.

I hope to be able to go to Berklee full time and continue down this road to becoming a musician and joining the crazy industry. Who knows the possibilities that could come from Hyperthreat and Berklee combined?!

HyperThreat Sound is a professional recording studio in Denver Colorado. We are a full service studio offering recording, mixing, and mastering. We offer instrument and amp rentals for sessions as well. HyperThreat – Recording Studio Denver.