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Ghost Embrace

Ghost Embrace has finished up orchestration for the most part and has moved into the next phase of the project. Nema Sobhani has been writing and tracking guitar parts for the last two weeks. I have put together some low budget video, in order to give you an idea how the project is evolving. #ghostembrace #quantumheart


How do you perceive value?

Lately we’ve been having a lot of conversations here, about how potential clients perceive value. There are a lot of studios to choose from in Colorado, and more seem to spring up everyday. The big studios can brag about having more space and bigger names to drop, but how does that equate to your project? How do you you equate value when choosing a recording studio?

Do you think small studios offering the same gear as the big boys, equates to lower quality?

You can pay $30 an hour for a usb interface plugged into a laptop, but that’s not a studio.

HyperThreat Sound was built in my home, however we are a full HD II facility with 32+ inputs of killer pre-amps, a toft ATB 16 and quality engineers. This is a conversation my partners and I have been having for a while now. I have been told that lower prices may be a deterrent for those who equate quality, with higher costs. Well I’m here to tell you that quality isn’t about gear, or the size of the room, but a studio is only as good as it’s engineer, not it’s clientele. Most big names bring in their own staff of engineers and producers any way. So you got to ask yourself, how much personal service does your money buy, if your name doesn’t buy any bragging rights? Please share your thoughts. Lets have a conversation. :)

We are always looking for experienced protools engineers, who can hit the ground running, so any one with fast hands, great ears and a minimum of 8 years as a lead engineer, will find themselves at the top of my list. Send your resumes and links to your mixes/reels to info@hyperthreat.com





We have been working with Castle View High’s internship program and Paige has been working on her final project. Jesse spent the day with Paige yesterday and helped her record her track and solo, while I video taped the project. Paige will be staying on as intern here at HyperThreat Sound, once her program obligations are fulfilled. We are happy to support young musicians, especially young women.


Last week was VERY busy here at HyperThreat Sound. Especially Thursday, where we had back to back sessions from 9am to 11pm.

Adam Andrews is in again, working on his 2nd contribution. He has been nominated for “Best New Artist” at Zone Music Reporter, as voted on by all the New Age radio broadcasters. How cool is that? Michael Bevers, engineered Adam Andrews 1st record, “Road to Ambo.” We look forward to his next record, and congratulate him for the nomination.


Check out Zone Music Reporter

Last Sunday Jesse Alvarada, and I finished up Chelsea and Vanessa’s song. It came out so well, HyperThreat Publishing has offered Chelsea and Vanessa Hersel a single song publishing contract on “I’m A Stone.” The recording features Jerome Lee on Bass, Christian Teele on Drums, and it was orchestrated by Eric Moon. We are proud to call them family, here at HyperThreat Sound. Remember our Songwriters Resource list here on HyperThreat.com, when you’re looking for a pro! Book some time and hire them for your session.

Congratulations to Chelsea and Vanessa for a job well done.



We are so proud to announce that Nema Sobhani has returned to contribute his unique musical flavor, to the second Ghost Embrace record, “Quantum Heart.” Bare Knuckle pickups in a PRS custom 22, and a Friedman amp. HEH!! How could he resist? We are ecstatic that he has joined the team once again.



Not only is Nema a fabulous guitar player, but he is a writer producer as well. Any one looking for beats or music, hit me up and I’ll hook you up.

Caroline McCaskey, virtuoso saw player, was in twice last week. She is recording Saw and Piano pieces for a competition. We love having her in the studio and wish her the best of luck!



We also had “Thunder The Radar” in last Thursday. We love Therese and I personally am a huge fan of hers. She is such a unique artist and I love her style. :)




That’s it for now! Thanks for tuning in and check out our youtube page. We will be adding more videos of some of our sessions. We love to give exposure to those we who support us. ROCK ON!


Professional Gear, Quality, and Customer Service

I recently read a fantastic article in ProSound News. Thought I would share my own thoughts here regarding “WHAT’S IMPORTANT IN A STUDIO?”

For some people, Pro Quality Gear is what they tout as being the most important element in their studio. For others, the quality of the sound, mix, mastering, outputs, and finishing is most important. For others it’s “who” worked on the project for you.

To all the above, I say, “yes – that is important… but it’s not THE most important.” Okay, so what is most important, sir? Great question. For us at HyperThreat the most important thing is Customer Service. What difference does it make to have great gear if no one is coming in to use it? What good is the best mixing and mastering if no one is having your business mix and master? Great having some industry superstars working in your studio, but if no one is coming to your studio – what difference does it make?

Here’s the bottom line… and this is with any business, not just the audio business. Your first line with customers is “CUSTOMER SERVICE.” That means from the advertising, to the initial contacts, to the working relationships, finally to the finished product or service. If your customer service sucks… I guarantee your business will suck too… I can also guarantee that great customer service will also keep customers with you rather than going to those other places that have great gear, great work, and hero engineers (or whatever your business is). Why? Because people want to be treated with respect. They want to know you care about them first before your own profitability. I’m not saying your business and profits aren’t important… quite the contrary, I’m saying you WILL experience profitability and a booming business IF you treat your customers well. Listen to them. Help them. Make them feel like they are the most important people who have ever walked through your doors.

I find, in today’s world, that customer service in most places sucks. Seriously. I get waitresses that role their eyes at me. I’ve had phone service people treat me like I was stupid because I didn’t understand what they were saying (not going to mention AT&T). Do you think I’ll ever go back to these places? NO! So – make your customers know they are the reason for the season and your business will grow. Might even make it past the spooky “Within 5 years most business fail” stage.

At HyperThreat Studios – our customers ARE NUMBER ONE! We treat everyone with respect. We offer our professional experience, but at the end of the day, whatever you want – that’s what we’re going to deliver. Our goal is that your experience with us goes beyond the Professional Gear. Beyond the Quality. Beyond the sound. All starts with our intentional relationship with… you.

HyperThreat Sound is a professional recording studio in Denver Colorado. We are a full service studio offering recording, mixing, and mastering. We offer instrument and amp rentals for sessions as well. HyperThreat – Recording Studio Denver.