Welcome to HyperThreat Facilities & Sound 

Offering Recording and Rehearsal Services


  •  Free Wifi

  •  Refreshments and Snacks

  • Full Size Fridge, Microwave, Coffee Maker and freshly filtered water

  • 24 Hour Security with Real-Time Monitoring

  • Air Filtration Systems & Environmental controls

  • Recycling Containers

  • Clean Restroom

Facilities. Custom Desk and a Neve Protico II

Beautifully Tuned and Spacious Control Room: Click here for Recording Prices

  • Sound Construction Maple Console Desk

  • 16 Channels of Quality Pre-amps and Effects

Studio A:

more room

Large Tracking Room and Rehearsal Facilities

  •  Designed to limit direct reflections with angled walls and ceilings
  •  Accommodates any size project, as well as live tracking
  •  75 Sq Ft Isolation Booth with your choice of microphone


  • 850 Sq Ft Space
  • 200 Sq ft Isolation Booth
  • Custom Built Acoustic Treatments
  • Built-in Power-play Headphone System
  • Large selection of premium microphones and Pre-amps
  • Yamaha C3 Grand Piano


Room For Live Tracking and Rehearsals


Rehearsal Space 

We want you to be productive!

  •  Complimentary:
    • 15 minutes load in and Set-up
    • 15 minutes for break down and Load Out

 You only pay for the time you actually book for rehearsing!

So Remember to Arrive  15 minutes in Advance of your Scheduled Session Time!

Studio A:

  • Soundcraft UI24R, Digital mixer, 1000 Watt Powered PA Speakers and monitors, Shure Vocal Microphones
  • Yamaha Drum Set, Pedals and Cymbals Included
  • Yamaha C3 Grand Piano with Earthworks Piano Microphone System

Studio B:

  • Mackie ProFX Board, QSC 1000 Watt Powered PA Speakers,  & Vocal Microphones
  • TAMA Drum Set
  • Triton LE

We offer top of the line gear, and maintain it’s upkeep from regular use. Drum heads, repairs, and piano tuners, guarantee the quality and reliability of the equipment we provide.

Our Recording Drum Kit:

  • Vintage Yamaha Custom Birch Absolute Drum Set : $20 per session
    • Include Pedals and Cymbals

In-house Engineers Anne Freeman