Studio Engineer Brad McGrath

Originally from St. Louis, Brad went from recording on cassette tape as a pre-teen to making records in full studios as an adult. At an early age, he felt a natural connection with music and audio. From the way two sounds can harmoniously come together and create something magical, to the memories attached to certain sounds; Brad wanted to make music. But just playing instruments wasn’t enough.

Brad needed to work with sound! To jumpstart his career, he earned a degree in Audio Production and a Certificate in Web Development from Webster University. Immediately following graduation, he packed up and headed to Chicago where he worked under Producer/Engineer Brian Deck, at Engine Studios.

Brad’s time at Engine allowed him to fine-tune his producing and engineering chops which led to staff engineer positions in some prestigious Chicago studios and eventually landed him the Chief Engineer position at Big River Recording Company (a studio which Brad designed and built from the floor up).

Though Brad now calls Denver his home he remains active in the Chicago and St. Louis industries while working with artists around the country. Brad’s musical knowledge and engineering skills aren’t limited to any one genre or audio form. Over the years, he’s worked with all types of music from classical to hip-hop, jazz to metal, movies, commercials, live sound, installation, and set-up, etc.

Chances are if you’ve got something audio related needing work, Brad is up to the task.

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