Studio FAQ

Why do musicians choose HyperThreat Sound?

We’re the only professional studio with a focus on economics. Designing and delivering a professional studio experience without compromise to someone on a budget is no easy trick. Our all pine wood environment and extensive mic collection is another reason many select our services. Finally, we find many that come to us after poor “garage studio” experiences or when other studios stop listening to the artist about what they want to sound.

How long has the studio been in town?

HyperThreat Sound started in 2010.

How should I prepare for recording?

Do all your homework before you come in. Pre-Production is vital, especially for young players who have never been in a recording studio before. So practice with a metronome and make sure you’ve nailed down all your parts to the best of your abilities. Remember, time is money, so SHUT UP AND PLAY! We’ll do the rest.

How do we get the sound we are looking for in our final product?

Bring in samples of tunes you are looking to emulate. It is much easier for us to give you what you want if we know what that is.

Can I start and stop my project as my needs and availability allow?

Sure you can. We’re here to serve your needs. Of course, everyone would love to have a finished product sooner rather than later, but we know who the boss is YOU!

We have a band, but some of our players aren’t professionals. Are you ok with helping some of our group sound better than they are?

LOL…that’s not a problem at all and if you tell us who in advance we can help avoid hurting anyone’s feelings. Seriously, not all players are at the same level, and we know that well. Working to ensure your finished products have everyone in sync is key to our satisfaction and our success.

Can I have my ProTools session files?

If you wish to transfer your sessions data after a session, come prepared with a portable storage device and book a little extra time. Session files are large, so let your engineer know in advance so that they can prepare. We want to make the best use of your time and money. So allow enough time for the file transfer to take place. Studios files require enormous amounts of storage, so we purge session every 30 days. If you wish to obtain your session data, just schedule studio time, and we will be happy to get those for you (better if you plan ahead so that you don’t need to schedule a two hour block to get them).

More cowbell?

Of course, more cowbell!

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