Rehearsal Pricing

Our Affordable Rehearsals Rates

  • Studio A

    $30 per hour (Fits 15 comfortably)
    2 Hour Minimum Booking
    Includes Full Back line

  • Individuals Only

    $20 per hour
    2 Hour Minimum Booking
    Includes Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Drums Kit

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  • Studio B

    $20 per hour/2 Hour Minimum Booking (Fits 3 comfortably)
    Includes TAMA Drum Kit w/Pedals & Cymbals

  • Individuals Only

    $15 Per Hour /2 Hour Minimum Booking
    Includes TAMA Drum Kit w/Pedals & Cymbals

Rehearsal Space Rentals Include PA **Full Backline**

We want you to be productive!


15 minutes load in and Set-up

15 minutes for break down and Load Out

 You only pay for the time you’re actually rehearsing!

So Remember to Arrive  15 minutes in Advance of your Scheduled Session Time!

Backline and Studio Amenities Include Personalized Service

Studio A

850 Sq ft room
Soundcraft UI24R  w/ Digital mixer
Shure SM58 Vocal microphones
Ampeg Bass Amp
Yamaha Drum set w/Cymbals & Pedals
Friedman Brown Eye 4×4 Cab
Mesa Triple Rectifier & 4×4 Cab
Yamaha C3 Grand Piano

Studio B

194 Sq ft room
Mackie FX Mixing Board
QSC 1000 Watt Powered Speakers
Sure SM58 Vocal microphones
GK Bass Amp
DW Drum Kit w/Cymbals & Pedal
Marshall Amp & Cab

Studio offers:
Drinks and filtered water
Clean bathrooms and Free Wifi

Call Us To Book A Tour of the Room

303-570-3264 info@hyperthreat.com

Buy Time Ahead Of Time

Got A Large Project?

Contact us for a quote at info@hyperthreat.com

Need a Live Sound engineer? 
Anne Freeman $150.00 per Band

Cancellation Policy?

  • Please contact us 48 hours in advance for cancellations or rescheduling options, or you forfeit your deposit. (Excluding Weather Considerations)
  • Deposits go towards your session fee

No Refunds

All sales are final on Gift certificates, Advertised Specials or Block time
All gift certificates must be used within the first year of purchase.
Block time must be used within one year of purchase

Session Files

All session files have a lifespan of 30 days before they are removed from our servers. Session files must be requested in advance, so your engineer can transfer the data. Please plan accordingly by providing a jump drive with enough space required for the data, and schedule your session time to allow for the transfer while you are here.

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