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We believe we’re the best recording studio in Denver, but don’t take our word for it. View the testimonials of our clients or add a testimonial below:

    This was the reaction from the person who received the song as a memorial for a child that recently passed.. Joanna G.

    “this is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me. Everything is about it is incredibly beautiful, I keep listening to it and cry tears of comfort, not just pain. Please give me the names of all who contributed, I’d like to add photos and put it on Facebook for friends and family.”

    I am extremely pleased Chris Tatum

    with what your studio has been able to do and how quickly you worked with us in getting voice talent.

    You definitely not only met, but exceeded my expectations. Thank you for everything.


    HyperThreat Sound is a truly professional recording studio to create one's music and more Jerome Lee

    Anne Freeman is well versed and experienced in the record industry, she is a great record producer, and her studio can and does cover the technical and administrative aspects of a person’s career in music recording.

    There is space in the home to relax and unwind, and the outside backyard space is always wonderful with good weather.

    I have personally recorded music there, and I highly recommend HyperThreat Sound as a great recording studio to create your next music endeavor.

    Anne's studio transcends you into a world of infinite possibilities !! Robert Chalky

    Takes you into a land where Music is King!! You will discover the Magic” that Anne weaves with her expertise , and warmth. A Studio sound system for the Stars !!!!!

    I guest recorded here before on a paid album where I was the hired gun Chance G

    This place is totally awesome not only did the sound system seem totally incredible but the staff was super friendly she had snacks she had good prices the studio itself is clean and well kept and I really like the place, they worked with us.

    I don't sing or play musical instruments, although I always wanted to Dave Rogers

    I do, however appreciate talented people – and good people. The folks at HyperThreat – and specifically, my great friend, Anne Freeman embodies both of these traits. If you are looking for the “right” people to assist in your project, you’ve found them.

    Hyperthreat is unique. A true boutique, with the best equipment and top staff Tim Kilzer

    they consistently turn out some of the best productions. Each track is treated with extreme care, and Anne, with experience as an artist and producer brings a special insight, talent and passion.

    hyper threat sound is one of the better studios in Colorado Guest

    it has a home feel but with professional quality text and sound engineers I love this place and I’ll be recording my next album there

    The HyperThreat studio is incredible Tony

    High-end equipment and super comfortable environment. I recommend HyperThreat to anyone in the Denver area looking for a top-notch recording studio with the best gear around.

    HyperThreat is Awesome! Levi Johnson

    Anne, I just wanted to drop you a quick note. I was just telling someone the other day what a difference you had on my vocal performances. Everything we worked on in the studio I’ve taken into my live performance, and I know it has helped us be a cut above the rest. Just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your influence on my vocals! Cheers, and rock on!

    HyperThreat is the best! Chelsea Hersel

    I am an aspiring singer who recently went to HyperThreat and Anne Freeman for coaching and demo production. I was completely a beginner when it came to recording studios and musical production. Anne immediately made me feel comfortable and creative. She is a high energy, free-spirited woman whose love for music is impossible to contain. She has a fined tuned ear when it comes to production and is full of inspired ideas to help guide any musicians.

    But the best thing about Anne Freeman, is her honesty. She is not afraid to say what she thinks. What every recording artist needs in a producer, and has away of explaining what she wants from the artist that makes sense, and is easily put into practice. When she got a hold of me, I was an “in-the-box” singer who had no idea how to sing a feeling instead of just notes. After 5 sessions she transformed me into an artist. Anne gave me the confidence to put myself into a song, which for any singer is a vulnerable position and nerve-racking experience. She also guided me toward finding myself as a musician.

    I don’t have much knowledge of how recording studios work or musical editing, and I was amazed at her extensive knowledge and experience. Its’ pure talent and the finished product speaks for itself. Anne feels like a friend and a mentor after 5 sessions with her, and she gave me confidence and starting knowledge for how to become a career singer. As well as to simply love music more and more everyday. I would recommend her coaching and producing to anyone who has an open mind for learning and a passion for music.

    Absolute top notch facility Chad Kent

    Absolute top notch facility and staff members. My experience @ hyperthreat was one of the most fun and well received experiences I’ve had in my musical career. State of the art recording methods/equipment and very professional and courteous staff. Anne made sure I had every possible tool at my disposal to optimize the recording and my overall experience with her and the staff. All my needs were at my fingertips and some of the best “drum sounds” I’ve personally ever heard of my playing came from this excellent studio! I would HIGHLY recommend Hyperthreat to anyone that wants a fantastic finished product and a truly stellar music making experience! Overall rating…five out of four stars ;-) !!

    Greatest Ever! Brett Weisz

    The first time I walked into this studio I was impressed, but I became nervous. Anne opened her home and heart to me almost immediately. We became such great friends and I can’t imagine where I’d be if I had never called Hyper Threat Studios. The engineers are all willing to work with you to get the exact sound you originally desired. Plus, they have great ears to keep a creative flow. Very skilled, very positive, and very patient. Top of the line equipment and more experience in every field than most other studios have in one genre. LOVE YOU GUYS!

    Best that I could find in the Denver metro area Sam K.

    Great engineer, facilities, and gear. Best that I could find in the Denver metro area….and the pricing was a bonus (no surprises, very reasonable). They also do audio post and video work if you are thinking of “demos” why not have some video to give the prospect a peek at what you look like?! Thanks for a great experience Hyperthreat, Anne you’re great!

    They know their business! Bob

    I just finished voicing a session of radio/TV tags at HyperThreat for an east coast builder’s supply company. Since I live in Parker, I didn’t want the hassle of driving into Denver so I thought I’d give HyperThreat a try. Working with Anne Freeman and Wes Whatley was a breeze; they know their business! The client was happy with the results and I didn’t have to deal with Denver traffic and parking! I’ll use their services again!

    HyperThreat Rocks! Lake Lopez

    Through circumstances that are both odd and fortuitous I found myself at HyperThreat™ Sound, the finest Denver recording studio a word-nerd like me could ever dream of walking into. Special thanks to Anne Freeman, the studio’s rock star founder. Anne’s laugh is as contagious as the enthusiasm she brings to any project. What else would you expect from a studio with the motto Shut Up and Play?

    HyperThreat Rocks! Peter Canale

    HyperThreat has been a pleasure to work with. Their owner Anne Freeman, really knows what is going on and has built a one of a kind studio. I appreciate everyone on the staff that has been so welcoming and professional. Top Notch!

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