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Technology has opened up enormous resources to songwriters and producers, by offering highly skilled players for any project budget. You may also choose to use these services in your audio book or voice over projects.

These resources are at HyperThreat Sound, and we can guarantee their quality and professionalism. Musicians listed on this page are time tested, skilled players, strong readers, and will provide the artistry you need for any project.

These are “real” musicians, not samples. Regardless where you, or they are located, save money on studio time by working with us remotely. We can provide quality stems remotely. Call us for quotes and how we can get you started
turning your songwriting dreams into a reality.

We only endorse people we have worked with and pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of professionals for your songwriting needs. Don’t see what you are looking for here? We
will carefully select the best players for your project, based on your individual needs.

Super Man Tyler Drake [Echo Ty]
Tyler Drake

Hyperfollow Echoty

Tyler James Drake is a talented guitarist and budding singer/songwriter with a passion for crafting heartfelt melodies and catchy lyrics.

With a dedication to honing his skills on the guitar, drums, bass, and vocals Tyler enchants audiences with his soulful performances, showcasing his talent for intricate playing and heartfelt expression.

Through his work with original compositions, he invites listeners on a journey of introspection, weaving stories that resonate with authenticity and promise for the future.

Fee :

$50.00 per hour

Mario Pagliarulo


Dedicated, passionate and innovative are three words that perfectly describe professional bassist Mario

He has toured and recorded with well known artists and producers such as Serj Tankian of System of a Down,
Larry LaLonde of Primus, Eddie Kramer, and Trevor Hall. He has written and produced music for television and
film, including programs on Fox Sports, Speed, and SciFi Networks.

Fee :

Sessions $75.00 per hour
Bass Stems: $200 per song
Live performances: Call for rates

Private Lessons: N/A

Danielle Dubois


Dani sings in multiple projects including Fedora Swing and Midlife Crises. She performs in Colorado and
is a very creative artist. If you need vocals for any project, she will enhance the level of any project
she is involved with. A consumate professional who does her homework and takes her craft seriously.

Sessions: $100 per hour

$100 per Song
Live Performances: Negotiable
Private Lessons: N/A



Brett Weisz

Vocalist & Songwriter.

Sessions: $50 per hour

$100 per Song
Live Performances: Negotiable
Private Lessons: N/A

Jacie McConnell


One of Northern Colorado’s most respected musicians. She has played and recorded Classical, Celtic,
Hip-Hop and almost everything in between. You can find her playing on Albums of Colorado’s best: Ben
Long- Still Alive album, Angie Stevens- I’m OK, Green Lemon-Green Lemon, Scott Allen – Down The Road and
many others.

Sessions: $50 an hour
Live Performances: Negotiable
Private Lessons: N/A


Danny Masters


A professional musician, Masters performed in groups such as Zuriel, Electric Playground, Shards of
Seven and 69 Times. In 1993, he won the KBPI Steve Vai guitar competition, released his debut album
Electric Babylon. In 1999, he released his second album ‘Til The Moon Goes Away. Masters has opened for
Tesla, Dokken, Ted Nugent and Warrant among others. When not performing, Masters teaches 50 to 60
students at his studio. He has taught guitar since 1986.

Sessions: $60 per hour
Live Performances: Negotiable
Private Lessons: $60 per hour

Contact: Danny Masters Music Studios

Erik Martin

Drummer, Performer, Teacher, Videographer

Need an affordable and professional drummer for your recording project or live show? Look no further.
Erik Martin has been playing drums for over 15 years, and providing private lessons for over five years.
He specializes in playing many different styles of music including Rock, Funk, Jazz, Metal,
Alternative/Indie, Latin, Experimental, and Fusion. You can check out both his drumming and videography
on the media samples below.

Sessions: $50 per song
Live Performances: $100 per song
Private Lessons: Call for more details
Professional In-Studio Video: $100 per video


Eric Moon

Keyboardist – Accordionist – Arranger – Producer – Sound Designer

Eric Moon has performed with Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, Jackson Browne, Wendy and Lisa from Prince’s
Revolution Band, Victor Wooten, Steve Earle, and Loretta Lynn. He has produced recordings for EMI and
MCA records. He has had a #1 charted single in Malaysia, written sounds for synthesizers from Alesis and
M-Audio, and toured as Bjork’s keyboard tech. He currently makes a living doing concert and studio work,
as well as playing organ for the Colorado Avalanche hockey team.
Sessions: $100 per Hour – 2 hour minimum
Live Performances: Call for rates
Private Lessons: N/A

Tyler James Drake hidden songwriters

Tyler James Drake hidden songwriters

Tyler James Drake hidden songwriters

Tyler James Drake hidden songwriters

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