The Summer of 2012 Changed My Musical Outlook


Summer 2012 completely changed my outlook on music and the industry entirely, in fact I’ve never had more fun in my life. My 5 week visit to Berklee College of Music was an experience like no other, it was amazing all of the things I learned in just a short time and inspired me to work harder to shove my foot in the door to this crazy industry.


I was honestly scared to death after my mother left me in the Berklee Performance Center to catch her flight back to Colorado, but as soon as I met a few friends and got settled into my dorm on Commonwealth street, I eased up and became excited about my courses. My favorite classes were musicianship and of coarse performance perspectives, which every week a new group would perform and share their experiences in the Performance Center. Music theory was so hard to me but it was very interesting to dig deeper into music. Above all of the classes and the sight seeing of Boston, what I loved the most was jamming, recording, and performing with my incredibly talented room mates at the dorm. Berklee really taught me how important it is to get music recorded to sound good and get myself out there. Being surrounded by new talent and the whole idea of just being in Boston at the program inspired me more than anything before, I was able to write new songs every week.


Coming home was sad, but I took what I’ve learned and applied it to my life here in Colorado. I’m working on finishing this song I wrote on Boston and getting my music recorded so I could make a small demo. I cannot stress enough the need to sound professional, and the best way to achieve this is to get the music recorded! Luckily enough I have full access to HyperThreat Sound Studios, they always take great care of me and make my music sound awesome. After my experience with Berklee I trust the engineers at Hyperthreat to make me sound professional, Anne also keeps me on track with great vocal exercises and helps me through any rough patches I have in a song.

I hope to be able to go to Berklee full time and continue down this road to becoming a musician and joining the crazy industry. Who knows the possibilities that could come from Hyperthreat and Berklee combined?!

HyperThreat Sound is a professional recording studio in Denver Colorado. We are a full service studio offering recording, mixing, and mastering. We offer instrument and amp rentals for sessions as well. HyperThreat – Recording Studio Denver.

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Hi, my name is Anne Freeman and I am the founder and CEO of Hyperthreat Sound, LLC.